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Beam Line & Coping Line

Our Beam Line and Coping Line are the newest in world-class Structural Steel processing technology.

Both facilities can process the full range of Structural products including Beams, Columns, Channels, Rectangular and Square Hollow Sections, Equal and Unequal Angles.


The Beam Line is capable of drilling holes from 9mm to 50mm in diameter, and mitre cutting up to a 60o angle.


Our Coping Line is capable of cutting almost any architectural shape with its’ Robotic High-Definition Plasma Cutting Torch.


Please click here for information on the capability of each machine


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Beam line / coping line


Beam line / coping line










Daito Saw TeamSaws & Tubecutter


Automated High Speed Bundle Cutting, Mitre Cutting Saws and Tube-Cutting technology are all part of our processing capability.


These pieces of equipment are extremely versatile in what they can process.  


Please contact us regarding your specific requirements


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