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Our Beam Line drills and cuts a wide range of steel products.


  • Products: Universal Beam, Universal Columns, Channels,
    RHS/SHS Sections, Equal and Unequal Angles
  • Maximum Width: 1000mm wide
  • Maximum Length: 18 metres long
  • Drilled Holes: 10 - 40mm in diameter
  • Mitre Cutting: Up to 60 degrees
  • Scribed Indentification on individual parts


The 'Drilling Machine' on Horan Steel's Beam Line has three independent drill cartridges capable of drilling holes from 10mm to 40mm in diameter.


Each of the three drill cartridges has a fully automated tool-changer capable of holding 4 - 5 drills.


Dimensional accuracy is obtained by utilising vertical and horizontal clamps / vices, under web support, and quadruple measuring discs.


Please click here for information on the capability of each machine


mitre cutting saw and drilling machine

automated drill spindles


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